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Precision Sensors, a Division of United Electric Controls, provides reliable, cost effective Pressure Switches, and Sensors, Flow Switches, Temperature Switches and Sensors.

Aerospace/Military Products Aerospace and Military Switches and Sensors
Switching and sensing solutions for commercial and private aircraft, missiles and launchers, fixed and rotary wing aircraft and tracked and wheeled land

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Semiconductor Process Semiconductor Process Switches and Sensors
Switching and sensing solutions for ultra-clean gas distribution, purge and exhaust gas, chemical delivery and DI water rinse systems and other process

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New LDP Echoline option for Corrosive Media:
Incorporating stainless steel sensor technology into Echolines’s LDP Series product family, results in a low pressure monitor capable of operating with corrosive media, while monitoring low pressure. Echoline’s display, switching, analog output and “Echo” functions are maintained, with the added capability of operating with wet and/or corrosive media
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United Electric Controls Moves Precision Sensors Division to Larger Facility
MILFORD, CONN.—September 12, 2017 — United Electric Controls’ Precision Sensors Division is moving to a larger Connecticut facility to accommodate growth in military, aerospace and semiconductor business
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